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Students educational levels: Elementary, Middle, High School and University
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More than 91% of KCIS expenditures is spent on students
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One small organization
One goal
One child at a time

Keep Children in School Foundation (KCIS) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization with one single purpose: To support the educational needs of gifted underprivileged children.

As a small, efficient and dedicated foundation, KCIS has already supported over 600 children in Iran (Iranian and Afghan immigrant children) from impoverished backgrounds, empowering them to take charge of their education and enabling them to reach their full potential.

What began in 2000 as a small project by family and friends to “give back,” KCIS evolved into a recognized charity in 2010 in the state of California with tax ID# 27-4287052 and received its OFAC license (IA-16947) from the department of treasury in 2012.

A Word From Our Founder

“Coming from an underprivileged family in Iran, going to school was a challenge and certainly education was not a priority. In order to help the family make ends meet we all had to work – adults and children. I had to work long hours throughout the day and study late into the night since the age of fourteen. I struggled but made it through; I was lucky.

Getting a bite to eat and a place to sleep at night should not come at the expense of education which is the only ticket out of poverty for kids in similar circumstances. My heart goes out to young bright children looking for a little help to similarly break through. That is why I started KCIS and why many good people are helping to lift kids out of the suffocating life they were born to and into a brighter future.”

Jila Kashef

Our Mission

Our Mission is: To break the cycle of poverty by helping children stay in school.

Keep Children In School (KCIS) implements its mission by matching sponsors directly to children whose families cannot afford to keep them in school, thus enabling them continue their education from elementary school through college.

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Why We Do This

Many children in developing countries are forced to drop out of school in order to work and provide for themselves and their families.

Without an education or training, these children will continue to live in poverty; perpetuating the same hard living condition of their parents.

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How We Do This

KCIS programs ensure each child has a chance to develop both physically and intellectually. Children may enter the program as early as elementary school.

KCIS operates in Iran through Anjomane Yaran Danesh va Mehr (AYDM).

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How YOU Can Keep a Child In School

KCIS empowers individuals to support children through its different programs. You can get involved in several ways:

KCIS Programs ensure each child has a chance to develop both physically and intellectually. Children may enter the program as early as 6 years of age.

Fund for Kermanshah Disaster

Given the earthquake tragedy in Iran, the Board of KCIS has voted to use its resources to help out kids of Kermanshah. We are focusing on long-term needs of this devastated community which includes getting their kids back to school.

The president of KCIS, Jila Ajeli Kashef, spent 2 months in Bam after the devastating 2003 Bam earthquake helping with the needs of kids whose life and education was disrupted. With your help, her experience and AYDM involvement we are hoping to do the same for #Kermanshah.

KCIS is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization with tax ID# 27-4287052 and OFAC license (IA-16947). With that in mind, you can either support this effort with your donation through KCIS Website. Or if in Iran you can use AYDM (Anjoman Yarane Danesh va Mehr) bank account specifically targeted for Kermanshah. Parsian bank account number 81100003713006. The routing number (or Shaba #) is IR920540123681100003713006.

Give yourself the gift of changing a child’s life.

What We Do

KCIS provides educational, financial, social, psychological, healthcare, family empowerment, and additional services to disadvantaged children in Iran who show academic promise. Our kids are Iranian and children of Afghan immigrants who live in Iran.

KCIS empowers individuals to support children through the following programs ->

By matching sponsors directly to children, KCIS helps children remain in school. Sponsors provide financial assistance for educational and related expenses of the sponsored child and, if desired, the sponsor can establish a one-on-one relationship with his/her child.

Sponsorship is $600 for a full year ($50 per month or $1.65 per day). For this nominal payment, the sponsored child will be fully supported throughout the calendar year, receiving the following benefits:

  • Monthly Payment Scholarship
  • Tuition Assistance (if applicable)
  • Book Purchase (if applicable)
  • University Test Preparation
  • Extracurricular Programs such as:
    • Language Classes
    • Computer Classes
    • Art/Music Classes and Sport Classes

Your donation provides the basic essentials that all students require to attend school. It is used in different programs. The programs pay for students’ financial aid, school supplies, emotional support services, healthcare, family empowerment programs, and other forms of support that can help our students achieve success.


With a $100 donation, KCIS supports the basic essentials for children to attend school. This program provides the fund for school supplies such as backpacks, stationaries, school uniforms, shoes, personal hygiene packages, etc.


With a $100 donation KCIS brings smiles to the face of many children and their families for the new year by providing not only clothing, shoes, and bags but also shirini (sweets), ajil (dried fruit) to their home for Nowruz celebration.

Help a Child

You can help a child by making a one time donation, becoming a sponsor, or contributing to their back to school or Nowrooz shopping.

Dedicate an Event

Dedicate your special day and help change lives. It’s easy. In lieu of gifts, ask for donations to KCIS.

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