Did you know that underprivileged Farsi-speaking youth in disadvantage areas have little no to access to technology to help them in their learning process?

In an effort to change these facts and to revolutionize the way Farsi-speaking children learn basic literacy, we started Diliteracy, an educational software that uses the power of technology to engage and teach children basic reading, writing and math skills. The cultural and social mission of this new educational group project is to empower children with basic education and literacy using digital devices and software as a complementary tool to facilitate this role.

Using the storytelling capabilities of video as an educational tool paired with the power of technology, our new software teaches children basic reading, writing and math skills and puts all this knowledge at the reach of their fingertips. The use of video stimulates the cognitive processes of thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, decision-making, and creating. Videos take the student beyond recall-and-relate activities. Our software uses video to engage viewers with more complex themes, such as language and math, and to facilitate further engagement with the content.

For the first time ever, Farsi-speaking youth now have a chance to learn basic writing, reading and math skills in a new, fun and interactive way! Join our movement by making a contribution now.