Individual Sponsorship


Our operational arm in Iran, AYDM, carefully identifies and selects children in need, including Afghans, who show academic promise. KCIS is then responsible for matching these children with sponsors, who become their guardian angels supporting them through their educational journey. Taking a holistic approach, the money provided by the sponsors is used in different ways to provide maximum assistance to these children. Our assistance takes the shape of educational expenses, healthcare, emotional support, family counseling, and many other forms of help. We continually check on the status of these kids making sure to provide any environmental, financial, physical, mental and emotional support necessary for them to stay in school and continue their education without interruption, from elementary school to college.


Ongoing Projects


While staying rooted in our seminal mission of seeing children through their educational journey, we are committed to supporting and getting involved with a variety of educational group projects. Partnering with other carefully selected nonprofit organizations, KCIS provides the financial assistance necessary to accomplish an array of meaningful educational services in several impoverished regions of Iran. Currently we have 12 open projects. Although they vary in objectives, target groups and region, they all have one thing in common: To continue to break the cycle of poverty through education.



Completed Projects


Our 9 completed projects have served over 5,000 students in different areas throughout Iran. Different project partners, which were carefully selected, helped us bring these different projects to life, serving different educational needs for our students including youth empowerment, community support, reading promotion and creation of safe learning environments.


Fight COVID-19 in Iran


When the global pandemic hit Iran the hardest in the beginning of 2020, we decided to start a special one-time campaign to back up the front line by delivering supplies to fight COVID-19. Since the start of the outbreak, we shipped life-saving supplies to frontline health workers in 27 different hospitals throughout Iran. The personal protective equipment and the medical devices sent, helped doctors and nurses in Iran adequately and safely fight the novel virus.


TechYar E-Learning Centers

What started out as a quick response to our students’ new educational needs due to the global pandemic, soon took a life of its own! Initially our TechYar E-learning Centers helped our students with the tools they needed to transition to their online educational endeavors. Evolving past the academic needs that surged from the pandemic, the Centers will serve as the learning homes for students who wish to pursue skills and careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Getting Involved With the California Community


We believe in the importance of being actively involved with our local community here in Los Angeles. By partnering with reputable California-based organizations in different fields, we have been able to help meet the needs of children in our own backyard including providing books, toys and clothes to elementary students as well as creating laundry rooms for students without a home to have a decent change of clothes. These partnerships have helped us establish a local presence in the West Coast through different projects in a myriad of areas, all tying back to our educational mission.