Story of Elham

My mother Sara got married to my dad when she was 17 and she moved to the country with him. Soon after my dad showed his true colors by locking her in the house, hitting her and cussing her out.

I was two months old when my mom discovered that my dad had an addiction to drugs which would explain his behavior. My dad was a mechanic for heavy industrial machinery and he made a good income but all of his money went for drugs. I was only 4 years old when I first witnessed my dad injecting drugs. My mom sacrificed her life trying to keep my dad off of drugs. The story of her life is a book full of pain, burden and misery. I was her only hope in life.

My dad’s addiction started spiraling out of control to the point that forced us into poverty. My mom and I had to panhandle for money in order to be able to make ends meet, but the money was not enough. My mom’s life was an endless struggle…

Eventually my dad left us and we had to move in to my grandfather’s house where we stayed for about a year until a shelter in Shahre Rey took us in. The place was dark, filthy, full of insects and there was no shower. When I was 7 years old I was sent to school through the shelter. My mom was very supportive of my continued education.

Then Anjomaneh Yaran Danesh (KCIS sister organization in Iran) came to our lives. They were not a charity, instead they provided scholarships. They helped me find my confidence in life and gave me strength to make me realize I was the only one who can determine my place in society not the circumstances of my life. I was encouraged to study even harder and I achieved high grades in all my classes. I scored high in the scientific contests in Tehran and I was admitted to go to selective schools for exceptionally talented students.

I read English books. This summer I submitted an English article on “Ways to Prevent Children Drug Abuse” along with a poster that I designed to an international conference on addiction treatment and therapy in Denmark and I got the first place. I sent you the pictures of it earlier.

I hope, by having faith in God, and with the help of Anjomaneh Yaran Danesh, and my continuous effort, I can attend medical school. By doing so, I’m hoping I can repay my mom, and everyone else who has been there for me and my mom through tough times. God willing!


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