Story of Amir

Amir is a sweet 13-year old and is in seventh grade. He studies hard and smiles all the time. He joined Anjomaneh Yaran Danesh (KCIS sister organization in Iran) 3 years ago.

When we first met him, his buck teeth got our attention. It was not just about his appearance he actually had problem eating. He was not able to chew his food properly and this had led him to obesity and other health issues.

His family couldn’t afford to fix his teeth. Amir was very depressed because of his deformed jaw and teeth and he was called donkey and bullied by other kids at school.

Anjomaneh Yaran Danesh talked to an orthodontist and soon after Amir was sent to the doctor for treatment.  Amir now smiles broadly, can chew his food thoroughly and no longer is being ridiculed and bullied at school.

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