Our Community Partner & Affiliate in Iran 

KCIS’s operational office in Iran Anjomane Yaran Danesh va Mehr (AYDM) delivers our supporters’ generous contributions to deserving students, who exhibit academic excellence. Other than financial support, AYDM provides mental and emotional wellness services, healthcare, family empowerment and other forms of support to students, who are introduced to us via various sources such as:

  • Partner NGOs working on children’s rights and well-being
  • Schools
  • Family members of existing sponsored children
  • Mosques and other community based institutions

Our Programs

KCIS programs ensure each child has a chance to develop both physically and intellectually. Children may enter the program as early as elementary school.

KCIS operates in Iran through Anjomane Yaran Danesh va Mehr (AYDM). This is how Anjomane Yaran Danesh va Mehr (AYDM) – our sister organization in Iran – delivers your generosity to the children:

  • Children are introduced to Anjomane Yaran Danesh va Mehr (AYDM) by different sources.
  • AYDM social workers visit each child’s home, interview the child and their family, and review school reports of previous years.
  • Each case is reviewed with the responsible AYDM board member.
  • Once approved, AYDM opens a bank account for the child.
  • A fixed monthly payment (educational grant/financial aid) is deposited into the account. The amount is based on whether the child attends Elementary, Middle School, High School or University.

Educational Supervision

  • A supervisor is allocated to each student, acting as a liaison between the student, parents and AYDM office, addressing arising issues throughout the year and brining any needs of students to the office.
  • AYDM policy requires that all children in the family to be sponsored and supported by us. In this way, we are sure to support the education and uplifting of the whole family unit.
  • Our Office demands biannual school report cards to carefully observe students’ progress. (Spring and summer)

Bi-Annual Gift

Twice a year, a gift card of certain amount is given to all of our sponsored students and their siblings at home, regardless of wether or not they are under our support.

  • Payment of Eidi (Nowruz gift for the new year) – At the end of Winter and beginning of Spring, each student brings a copy of their mid-term report card and obtain their Nowruz Gift card.
  • Back to School Gift Card – At the end of summer, beginning of Fall, just in time for the start of the school year, each student brings a copy of their final term report card from the previous year to obtain their Back to School Gift Card. This servers as the annual payment for attending school – to include purchasing stationary, school bags, school uniform, shoes and other education-related items.

KCIS Library

Most of our sponsored students never have any book to read at home and are not accustomed with the culture.

We have established a beautiful library where students can spend time, read books, socialize with other students and also borrow books to take home. We promote the culture of reading and encourage our students to read books.

Our Assistance 

We at KCIS treat our sponsored students just like our own children at home. We look at their wishes and wants and try to fulfill all the necessary needs of each student. Based on the individual’s need, additional financial assistance is provided to each student in addition to above supports throughout the year for:

  • Tuition for extra-curricular classes such as: language, sport, computer or art.
  • Registration fee for Afghan students.
  • Registration fee for high school students at magnet schools.
  • Registration fee for college students.
  • University Entrance Exam Classes (Konkour), final year of high school, and pre-university classes.
  • Transportation of students living far from schools.
  • Financial aid for students needing remedial classes.
  • Computers and laptops for high school and college students.


Recreational Activities

KCIS also organizes recreational events throughout the year for the kids and their families.

  • Graduation ceremonies for students and parents for honoring top students and rewarding students at end of the school year.
  • Other recreational outings, such as museums, cultural centers, bird gardens, etc.

Support for Health & Well-Being

We also provide other social, psychological, and healthcare services such as:

  • Organizing educational advisory sessions for students and parents.
  • Medical and dental services: referring students to dedicated volunteer physicians.
  • Psychoanalytic treatment and counselling services: referring students and families in certain cases to psychoanalysts.