Back to School Shopping

In this program, donors provide the basic essentials that all students require to attend school. This program not only includes school supplies, but also items like a backpack and care packages specific to the students’ age and country of origin. For a onetime gift of $100, you can provide these essentials and thereby support a student’s academic attendance during the school year.

New Year Renewal Shopping

In many countries, celebration of the New Year is symbolic for
“renewal.” One way to renew and positively launch the New Year is to
have new items such as a new outfit or shoes. In this program, $100
donation can pay for gifted items such as clothing or shoes, which
are specific to KCIS’ spending program in the host countries. These
gifts can encourage students, and relieve their families so they can
allocate their finances for their other basic needs.

Operational Support

Sponsors may assist KCIS by donating towards the
operational needs of KCIS or the expansion of its
infrastructure, so we do our best in allocating more than
90% of the sponsorship funds to the deserving students.
Through your support for our operating costs, you help the
agency advance its mission and help more students.

Make a Donation

Making a donation is simple and straight forward. With your help KCIS students are given the opportunity to stay in school, learn and flourish. You're making their future.