New Year Renewal Shopping

The first day of spring marks the start of the Persian new year (Nowruz). With bare trees now wearing blossom embellished dresses, it is a tradition that people echo natures renewal by buying new clothes and shoes. Fortunate parents get to enjoy the excitement and happy squeals of their children as they buy them new outfits for the new year; and they get to see their kids go to bed on new year’s eve with their brand new shoes next to their pillows ready to be worn and shown off on the first day of the new year!

Your $100 Nowruz donation will be used to buy brand new clothes and shoes for the KCIS kids. The Nowruz outfits will replace the yearning in their eyes with spark and put a smile on their heart!

Back To School Shopping

Your $100 donation will be used to buy basic essentials that a student would need to start the new school year. This includes school supplies, backpacks, and age specific items.

Operational Support

KCIS does its best to allocate more than 90% of the donated funds for the needs of our children. We use 10% to pay for our operations and for improvement and expansion of the organization.

Your donations will help cover our operating costs to keep doing what do for our kids and to keep getting bigger and better.