Make a Donation

You can make general donations by simply donating any amount you wish as often as you like. These general donations are used in different programs; for example they can be used for Back to School shopping, or as funds allocated for collaborative educational group projects.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship costs $600 for a full year ($50 for 12 months or $1.65 a day). For this nominal amount, your sponsored child will be fully supported throughout the calendar year.

Donations provided by sponsors pay for any thing that is needed for the child to stay in school instead of dropping out to support his/her family’s financial needs. If desired, sponsors can also establish a one-on-one relationship with the child they have chosen to sponsor. Sponsorship will typically continue until your sponsored child has finished his/her education.

Dedicate an Event

There are many ways to support our children and their education. You can host a fundraiser for KCIS to raise funds and have a fabulous time doing it. Or you can ask your guests to donate to KCIS in lieu of gifts when you host an event such as a:

  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Baby shower
  • Anniversary

Become a Volunteer

Another great way to help KCIS is by donating your time and expertise to our cause. We have been fortunate to attract a large number of enthusiastic and energetic volunteers, who believe in our cause and are willing to help us with their time and/or professional expertise.

Our annual gala, which is our primary source of funds, is made possible by many tens of volunteers, who help with every aspect of planning and running the event.

At KCIS, not only would you be helping a great cause, but you would also get to meet kind, caring and likeminded individuals, who share your passion for philanthropy. KCIS was founded on compassion and generosity of its supporters and will continue to grow the same way.