2017 KCIS 5th Annual Gala

Once again this year our Gala was a great success. Close to 500 guests and supporters of KCIS children joined us on this beautiful night and showed their care and kindness with their presence and contributions.

We raised more than $300,000 at this gala with the help of kindhearted sponsors. With your help these kids will break the generational cycle of poverty through education.

To our sponsors: You all helped change lives that night — on behalf of the kids thank you and well done.

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This year we changed our venue from Bel Air country club to the beautiful Taglyan Cultural Complex so that we could better control the the temperature, have better stage and audio visual system and sit more people. Our guests seemed to welcome this change.

Guests arrived to the red carpet and an efficient valet parking.

Our volunteers checked in the guests.

The reception desk.

The Complex has a beautiful outdoors space for people to mingle ahead of going inside to the ballroom.

We set up the KCIS backdrop for photos outside.

Our first photo was a group shot of our volunteers to whom we owe the success of these events.

The Organizing Committee (missing from the photo Sherry Nahid and Ziba Shirazi).

Judge Ashly Tabador ( left) a dedicated supporter of KCIS.

Melody Safavizadeh from NASA/JPL

On the left, Elika & Dena Rad have been two of the most dedicated KCIS supporters from the inception of KCIS.

My favorite sister trio: Ziba, Sima and Mona.

Sherry Nahid in the middle was the gala chair.

Love that kids here attend an event to help kids in Iran.

A musical legend Shahbal Shabpareh, founder of Black Cats musical group & his wife.

On the right Mr. & Mrs. Farahnaz and Abas Rezvan great KCIS supporters.

Left Jaleh Rassouli Lamacchia, a KCIS long time supporter and sponsor.

Left Farhad Farjami and his wife Susan dedicated and generous sponsors of KCIS.

Kamran Nahid and his beautiful wife, Samira Love. Karman was one of the youngest KCIS sponsor.

On the left Shaahin Espahbodi the best modern architect in town.

Mandana Soleimani, dedicated KCIS supporter.

Behnaz Dibaei, a KCIS long time supporter and her high school friend.

Second from right Mrs. Behjat Darroudi is on the Board of "Anjoman" in Iran that makes sure the support we are providing from here is properly administered.

This good looking couple is Shaahin Espahbodi & Ziba Shirazi.

The matriarch of the Amin family in the middle with her daughter Dr. Freshteh Amin. The entire Amin family supports KCIS generously.

Homa Farkhondeh does whatever is needed for KCIS to function. She is our mega volunteer.

The Amin Family -- In the middle Mrs. Nosrat Amin, next to her, Dr. Fereshteh Amin, and her husband, Dr. Hamid Shafipour.

Marathon runner and NASA/JPL scientist Nooshin Meshkaty and her husband Shahryar both long time supporters and KCIS sponsors.

From left to right Sherry Nahid, Goli Chitsaz, Jila Ajeli Kashef, Shahrzad Ardalan, Sally and Mohsen Sally Dibaei.

Dr. Hojr Sedaghat Pisheh from Google.

Dr. Nina Rod and her husband.

Astrophysicist Dr. Sona Hosseini of NASA/JPL with her parents. She is a star on the rise.

Mr. and Mrs. Hassan Kheradmandan. He is on the KCIS board.

Brother and sister Mahmoud & Niki Mihanyar.

Avid Boustani

Ms. Shahrzad Ardalan -- Our MC

Ms. Farah Setoodeh, one of the KCIS lovely long time supporters.

Kamak and Aram. He is an intern at JPL working toward his PhD, she is a computer scientists working on self-driving cars. Pretty awesome husband and wife. For the night he served as "the voice of God" announcing from off stage.

Elnaz Mir (right) was our stage manager. Kept the flow on and off the stage. Superb job. On the left is Dena Rad another lovely KCIS volunteer and long time sponsor and supporter.

Elham was the headmaster of our volunteers. She made the team function like clockwork.

1/2 of the talented musician couple Arezoo Koochakan married to Vandad Massahzadeh.

Mr. and Mrs. Hamed Meshki. He is the KCIS legal backbone. With his help we got the OFAC licence so we could send money to Iran legally.

Kamyar & his fiance'. What a sensational singer he is.

Dr. Azar Muzarei , a long time supporter of KCIS and her lovely Husband.

Our guests were welcomed with a glass of champagne to start the evening.

The beautiful and remarkable Mariam Khosravani the force behind IAWF (Iranian Americam Women Foundation).

Guests hang out....

Greeting old friends...

Catching up

The beautiful and elegant Jaleh Rasouli Jaleh Rassouli Lamacchia, very long time supporter and KCIS sponsor.

finger food was served including noon & kabob and rayhan.

A bite to eat before dinner.

Mohsen Diabaei Chairman of the Board of KCIS.

The fashionable Sima Taraji.

The party moved indoors where bars were set up and artworks were up for grab through silent auction.

Mohamad Gharavi (Jila's husband) is a big supporter.

This beautiful art work donated by Neda Nobari was auctioned off on stage.

The ballroom is all set up ready for the guests to come in at 7:00pm.

We had about 450 guests.

The program started with the sound of accordion from the back corner of the room playing "La vie en rose". Moments later from the other corner of the room a sax joined in. Vandad and Robert played on as they moved among the tables and finished up on stage. People loved it. # Vandad Massahzadeh & Robert Kyle.

The star entertainer for the night was Kamyar who played a medley of songs moving in an out of French and Persian songs. What a voice.

Kamyar played two songs with a promise to come back for a longer performance after dinner.

Our fundraising got underway when Ms. Shahrzad Ardalan took the stage. This women is just loved by our community because ....... well because she is lovely.

Shahrzad Ardalan introduced Firouz Naderi who told the crowd he considers supporting the kids of KCIS among the things he is most proud of. He thanked Jila Kashef for creating the opportunity and called Jilla to the stage.

Then it was time to raise some money for the KCIS kids.

In no time we were at $70,000.

Then Firouz Naderi went back on the stage saying that each year our biggest check comes from a group of well wishers from Google (they call themselves "Googlers". Whatever they raise Google doubles. Last year they collected $53,000. Firouz wondered if they were able to match that again this year .........

.... He called to the stage Dr. Hojr Sedaghat Pisheh who is the force behind this Google fundraisers. He came in with a BIG check .....

This year they had raised $83,000!!! Our deepest gratitude (on behalf of the kids) to the Googlers.

Then shortly we were at $220,000 ....

Shahrzad and Jila kept calling on 4 announcers who kept reading the pledges by the audience.

... One of our announcer, Dr. Azar Muzarei a long time KCIS supporter, has a handful of pledges.....

Ziba had a lot of pledges as well.

Jila cheering on as people kept on pledging.

Shahrzad thanking old and new sponsors.

Yet more pledges being announced by Dena Rad.

then we were at $250,000

Ziba says we are not done yet.

And then we were at $287,000 .....

........ and now over $300,000. Shahrzad says can you believe these good people?

Jila so happy for the kids

Then people drew flags with names of kids waiting to be sponsored ....... 83 new kids were selected.

All told we raised $330,000. Jila is trying to say thank you but she is too excited. To our sponsors: Walk around with a smile on your face. You created some opportunities and changed some lives. You did well.

Then we were ready for dinner.

And it was good.

Dinner background music curtesy of Mr. Vandad Massahzadeh.

First order of business after dinner was to say thank you to our volunteers.

After dinner Kamyar came back and he was amazing.

Piran Zarifian (here with his wife to be Niki) was technical directed of our audio visual and did it superbly. Our stage manager was Elnaz Mir. Piran and Elnaz coordinated like pros.

The family of Dr. Mojtaba Moghadam supports KCIS Gala every year.

Sali Diabaei one of the forces behind KCIS.

Rudi Bakhtiar a courageous journalist.

Kamyar and his Fiance

The multi-talented Ziba Shirazi a long time supporter of KCIS.

Dr. Sedaghat Pisheh with his mom and sister.

Dr. Hojr Sedaghat-Pisheh of Google.

Alireza Mehrzad a big supporter of KCIS.

Ms. Elie Jahanbigloo of Juan Juan Salon in Beverly Hills.

Mr. and Mrs. Mishki. KCIS leans on him for legal support. They are great supporters of KCIS

Sara Dibaei to the left and Dr. Farhad Sigari both great KCIS supporters.

Mrs. Behjat Darroudi

Grateful to Pars Equality Center for their support. Here with Catherine Daravi.

Sara Dibaei

The beautiful Roya Yazdani who has been with KCIS for a long time.

Dr. Hamid Shafipour a KCIS board members.

Grateful to the ISCC for their support.

Beautiful Mahshid Fardadi took half of the photographs. The other half were taken by Mo Moshtagh.

On the right Ladan Behnia always a generous supporter of KCIS.

Shahla Daverian a regular supporter of the KCIS galas.

Avid Boustani

The beautiful Rudi Bakhtiar

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