Supporting Students and Their Families Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

The global pandemic of COVID-19 affected us globally and our students were no exception. During this time of extreme hardship, we took action and supported our students in different ways including:

  • PROVIDING MEDICAL EQUIPMENT & PPE FOR DOCTORS AND NURSES IN IRAN– A total of 703 medical items and were delivered including: digital thermometers, electrocauter, infusion pumps, oxygen flowmeters and manometers, pulse oximeters and ventilators. To help keep front line workers in Iran safe, we also delivered personal protective equipment (PPE) including: Surgical gloves (130,000), surgical caps (25,000), heavy duty shoe covers (60,600), three-layer face masks (39,440) and N95 masks (6,755) were among the 312, 935 total items of PPE delivered to 27 different hospitals throughout Iran. To learn more about what we did to fight COVID-19 in Iran, click HERE.
  • ESTABLISHING E-LEARNING CENTERS THROUGHOUT IRAN– KCIS established TechYar E-learning Centers to provide students in remote areas of Iran with the technological needs to continue their studies online.  The Centers provide students in Fars, Sistan & Baluchestan, Tehran, and Kermanshah with a clean, safe place to pursue their education, along with internet access, computers, tablets, and other supplies needed for their online classes.  Computer courses and classes on internet literacy are available at the Centers to ensure that all students have a basis of technology knowledge. Collectively, the Centers serve 10,000 students.
  • GIVING EXTRA FUNDS FOR COVID-19 NEEDS– Our department of trained social workers contacted all of the families of our sponsored students to assess their situation and understand their needs in terms of food, water and personal protective equipment. Our team then sent extra funds to our students’ accounts to help meet the families’ new necessities and to ensure that our students had the proper tools to stay safe during the pandemic.
  • ENSURING INTERNET ACCESS AND CONNECTIVITY– Our team also reached out to students and their families to ensure that each household had at least one device to be able to connect to the internet. If they did not, we made sure to have one sent out and properly installed. By ensuring this connectivity, we were able to ensure that our students could continue their classes online and were also able to do their homework remotely.
  • PROVIDING HEALTH SUPPLIES & FOOD IN IMPOVERISHED AREAS– The most impoverished areas in Iran also got extremely affected by the lack of food supplies in the area. Our team scheduled health supplies and food deliveries for children in disadvantaged areas throughout Iran. Deliveries were made in the following provinces: Tehran, Kordestan, Sistan and Baluchestan, and Fars.
  • GIVING GRANTS TO AYDM FAMILIES– The families of AYDM workers were extremely affected by the pandemic. Without being able to go to work, many of them were not able to make a living. We provided grants to these families to help alleviate the financial burdens they felt during the hardest times of the pandemic and lockdown.
  • SUPPLYING LAPTOPS TO COLLEGE STUDENTS– Many college students did not have personal laptops to continue their classes online. They also lacked the financial freedom to purchase one of these devices immediately. Without the necessary tools, many of these college students would have had to discontinue their studies and probably drop out of college altogether. We could not let that happen so we provided laptops to all of our sponsored college students to ensure that they continue their higher education studies.