Mehr Resource Center in Fars Province

The Mehr Resource Center was established in Rostam, Fars Province in an effort to help underprivileged children in the area advance in their studies. Despite their parents’ want to help their children progress educationally, their own limits educationally prevents them from helping their own children with their educational needs outside of school. Without help from their parents and without the financial means to get help from tutors or other educated adults, young students in Rostam face many difficulties as they try to navigate new lessons.

The geographical distance between Mamassani and Rostam in Fars province makes it extremely difficult to help every student in need in the area. Having a Resource Center in the heart of the county increases educational opportunities for many more underprivileged children in Fars Province and provides a safe place of learning and educational assistance for them.

KCIS helped fund the Mehr Center and its many educational services including:

  • Mathematics and science classes
  • Computer lab and training (currently 10 PCs and one Laptop)
  • Library
  • University entrance exam preparation
  • Tutoring sessions
  • Homework help
  • Literature and poetry classes
  • Public speaking classes
  • Chess classes

In addition to these educational services, the Center offers: 

  • Snacks – Providing a healthy snack for malnourished children and helping students maintain their energy to study and absorb information best.
  • Distribution center – This serves as base of operation for distributing food, school supplies and clothes projects we have done in the past 7 years.
  • Student recognition and scholarships – Recognizing gifted children to ensure success in the continuation of their performance.
  • Volunteer recognition – Giving recognition to students and other volunteers who help keep the Center running smoothly with their time, help and work.