Mahmoud Abad

This is an extremely poor neighborhood with unimaginable living conditions. Most residents are either jobless and drug users or work in the nearby brick kilns and factories. Many mothers who work in these brick kilns have no choice but to take their very young children to work, which are very unsanitary and unsuitable places for kids. Having noticed this particular situation, a benefactor established a non-profit daycare center for preschool aged children in this neighborhood, which currently serves 120 kids between the ages of 4 and 6. The center provides an umbrella of indispensable and vital services to the children, their families, and the community:

  • A daily warm meal for the kids and teachers
  • Two active libraries: one for children as a Read with Me project and another for adolescents and adults with discussion sessions and movie viewings for all age groups
  • Reading to babies as part of the Read with Me project
  • Educational sessions for mothers for literacy, parenting, nonviolence, and family hygiene
  • Weekly visits by physicians to address medical issues of the families, with a special focus on women, and to make any necessary referrals to dentists, physical therapist, surgeons and addiction specialists
  • Weekly visits by psychologists, speech therapists and social workers
  • Sanitary projects like garbage collection and head lice removal
  • Field trips for the kids to cultural centers, museums, concerts and exhibits
  • Computer and foreign language classes for adolescents, and knitting, leatherworking, and sewing classes for women

After much research on the area and the organization, KCIS has decided that the community is desperate for the essential and life-altering services that the center is providing. Therefore KCIS via AYDM is collaborating with the founder to provide financial aid to keep this vitally important project going and growing.