Lorestan (Disaster Relief)

In the early days of Spring 2019, a disastrous flood in Lorestan caused massive destruction and disruption of daily activities. Our sister organization back in Iran, AYDM, started its humanitarian activities by obtaining the required licenses from the Iranian Ministry of Interior.

In the first few days and weeks of the disaster, we helped address basic and urgent needs of the people of Lorestan. With the help of a few local volunteers, we identified three villages in North Eastern Lorestan who were in desperate need of damage control and disaster relief. We arranged to have two trucks filled with hygiene products and other basic need items to the area. We also sent a dozen tents to the area and help set up the main camp tent for daily activities for 45 children. Some of the activities being held at the camp included:
Offering game therapy sessions

  • Holding book reading sessions for elementary-age students
  • Donating children’s books
  • Providing healthy and nutritious meals and snacks