Khaaneh Koodak Center

Khaaneh Koodak is implemented by the local nonprofit Koodakan Kaar and its main purpose is to cater to the various needs of underprivileged children of the region. Some of the services provided by the center include:

  • Dispatching teams of teachers, psychologists, and social workers to assist students and their families based on their unique situations and needs
  • Offering various anger management courses for children and adolescents to help them cope with anger, fear and anxiety issues through healthy methods including arts and writing
  • Planning sports, arts, and educational programs for children
  • Offering supplemental and refresher math courses as well as weekly English classes to local children

With our financial support, three Khaaneh Koodak centers have been assembled in three different villages in Kermanshah. We will continue to finance this ongoing project to help keep it afloat.