What we did in Iran to fight COVID19

Our doctors and nurses in Iran have been risking their lives without the proper protection or gear to treat the coronavirus patients that come to the hospitals alone. As a result, many of these brave medical professionals are contracting the disease and have lost their lives in the battle against COVID-19.

Fundraising project to buy medical equipments for Iranian doctors and nurses

As more doctors begged us for protective gear, we started a Facebook fundraiser to help buy the proper medical equipment for them In less than 3 short weeks, we end the fundraiser full of hope for the battle to come and gratitude for each and every one of your contributions. This is what your donations have done for the medical community throughout Iran:

  • Medical devices and equipment. A total of 703 items were delivered including: digital thermometers (85), electrocauter (1), infusion pumps (17), oxygen flowmeters and manometers (330), pulse oximeters (266) and ventilators (4).
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE). Surgical gloves (130,000), surgical caps (25,000), heavy duty shoe covers (60,600), three-layer face masks (39,440) and N95 masks (6,755) were among the 312, 935 total items of PPE delivered to different hospitals throughout Iran.
  • Hospitals helped. Not wanting to exclude any hospital in need, we did not focus on a specific region of Iran but rather helped hospitals throughout the country, sending aid to 27 different hospitals in the following areas: Kurdestan, Mazadran, Tehran, Kermanshah, Fars, Gorgaan, Gilan, Esfahan, West Azarbaijan, Ghazvin, Kohgiluyeh and Boyar Ahmad, Shiraz, Ilam, and Noorabad Mamasani. Deliveries to 10 of these hospitals are currently in progress.
  • Fundraising program. Thanks to your unconditional support and very generous contributions both in the United States and back in Iran, together we raised 33,153,625,000 Rials. Through our Facebook fundraiser alone, we collected $156,984 USD and another $32,353 USD from website and direct personal donations.
  • Expenditures. We are proud to share with our donors and supporters, that 84% of our total amount raised (27,743,285,000 Rial) has been used for equipment and protective gear purchase, including the purchases in progress. We will continue to purchase more equipment and PPE with the remaining funds (5,410,340,000 Rials).

List of items delivered to hospitals in Iran