Farhang School

Founded by a group of Afghan refugee students from Tehran University, the institution caters to disadvantaged Afghan students who need an education and who would have otherwise been denied an education because of their backgrounds. Moreover, Farhang School employs teachers and staff who are also Afghan refugees in search for better employment opportunities.

We started our involvement with the school almost a decade ago by paying all expenses to support the educational journeys of 70 students. After some months, we realized that because of the lack of funds and financial assistance from the government, the school was not properly equipped as a safe and healthy learning environment for students. We decided to work together with school authorities, including the Director of the center, Mr. Nader Musavi, to help upgrade the school building for its 140 students. Most of these Afghan immigrant students were denied education in Iranian public schools and our objective was to help create a space for them to continue their educational journeys. Since 2018 KCIS has been the biggest sponsor of the school, providing half of its operational expenses.

Now, Farhang School needs a new home. For reasons beyond our control, Farhang School was being forced to shut down, depriving the thousands of immigrant students it serves of their right to education. KCIS could not let this happen. We are currently working on building a new facility for Farhang School. Will you help us continue to provide a safe learning environment for Farhang School’s students by supporting the building purchase? 

In light of the current humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, KCIS is launching the Afghan Smiles campaign to increase organizational support to our standing partner the Farhang School for Refugee Children. The incredible work being done at Farhang to educate and nurture Afghan children, who would otherwise be denied the basic right to an education in Iran, has been transformational. We have chosen to increase our support of this special project by $100,000 to provide a new home and support system for the influx of children arriving in Iran after their long and traumatic journey. This campaign will provide a safe landing for more than 200 Afghan children in dire need. We are counting on your support to reach this goal by December 31. Click HERE to make your donation now.