KCIS Operations in Iran

KCIS’s operational office in Iran Anjomane Yaran Danesh va Mehr (AYDM) delivers our supporters’ generous contributions to deserving students, who exhibit academic excellence. Other than financial support, AYDM provides emotional, healthcare, family-empowering and other forms of support to our students.

AYDM social workers visit the children and their families throughout the year to oversee their progress and ensure that the money is supporting the child’s education. Additionally, we monitor school reports to make sure he/she maintains excellent grades.

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AYDM Snapshot
Synopsis of AYDM Activities in 2013


Assistance and Services rendered by AYDM include but are not limited to the following:

  • Payment of a fixed monthly amount as educational grant/ financial aid to students – based on level of education i.e. Elementary, Middle School, High School and University.
  •  Payment of Eiedi (every Nowruz).
  •  Annual payment for attending school for the purchase of stationary, school bags, and shoes.
  •  Full payment of registration fees for Afghan students.
  •  Providing financial aid for registration of high school students.
  •  Encouraging students to attend second language classes and also providing financial assistance.
  •  Organizing graduation ceremonies for students and parents and presenting prizes and rewarding students.
  •  Organizing various camping and recreational activities – visiting places of interest i.e. museums, bird gardens and….
  •  Providing financial aid for weaker students needing remedial classes.
  •  Paying for University Entrance Exam Classes (Konkour), final year of high school, and pre-university classes.
  •  Paying for transportation of students living far from their schools.
  •  Establishing libraries and encouraging students to read books.
  •  Donating computers and laptops to high school students.
  •  Organizing educational advisory sessions for students and parents.
  •  Medical and dental services: Referring students to dedicated volunteer physicians.
  •  Psychoanalytic treatment and counselling services: Referring students and families in certain cases to psychoanalysts.
  •  Allocating a supervisor for each student, directly attending to the needs and shortcomings of the students acting as a liaison with parents and reporting to the board of directors.
  •  Receiving biannual educational report cards by authorities and carefully observing student progress.


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